Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Again: Why Bother with Greek?

Yesterday in Greek class I spoke for an hour on why we study Greek. Unless we use our knowledge of the language in humble service to God, there's no reason whatsoever to bother to learn it. Ask any marathoner. After all the training and preparation, you've got to hit the starting line and run like crazy if you want to receive the prize. No race can be won by just sitting in our easy chairs. 

An old Scottish proverb puts it best:

"Greek, Hebrew, and Latin all have their proper place. But it's not at the head of the cross, where Pilate put them, but at the foot of the cross in humble service to Christ."

Just for today I will try to live out out my faith and exercise my gifts in very everyday, ordinary ways, in service to Christ and his church and to his glory alone.