Saturday, March 18, 2023

How Bad Is Missing a Week of Study in Your Greek Class?

My beginning Greek grammar has 26 chapters. I designed it so that a teacher could cover 13 chapters each semester -- certainly a manageable load for most students. But even the most dedicated students will miss a class every now and then. Is that bad, and will it have a negative impact on your results?

First off, keep in mind that if you're only missing one class a semester, this really isn't an issue in terms of your overall learning. It does represent a missed opportunity to truly master that lesson by participating in class discussion and in doing some of the exercises in class with your instructor, but it won't actually have an overall negative effect. So even if you do miss one class during the semester, you'll be fine as long as you study that chapter on your own and keep the rest of your study habits consistent throughout the remainder of the semester. 

At the beginning of each semester I always tell my students, "Try not to miss a class if you can avoid it. It's not impossible to get caught back up if you do, but it will makes things more difficult for you. Greek is already challenging enough without having to play catch up." 

In any case, if you're asking, "What will happen if I have to miss a day of class?", then the answer is that if it only happens rarely it probably won't make any difference in the overall picture. If you do have to miss a class, just get back on track the best you can and don't stress out about it. Having to miss a class on occasion in college or seminary is normal, but try to make sure that it's rare.