Monday, March 20, 2023

Matt. 1:21 in Hebrew!

"Personal pronouns" is our topic du jour in Greek class today. Look at all the verses in the New Testament we get to translate as a result.

One of my examples is Matt. 1:21, where the English reads, "You will call his name Jesus, for he himself will save his people from their sins." "Jesus," of course, is Hebrew for "The Lord saves." It was a very common name in the first century. But what made the naming of this Jesus unique is that not only would he be called "The Lord saves," he is the Lord who saves. The word play is made abundantly clear in the Hebrew:

The circled word on the right is "Jesus" (Yeshua). The circled word on the left is the verb "he will save" (yoshia). 

Yeshua yoshia! 

Yep -- Hebrew is practical not only for Old Testament study but also for New Testament study. 

Matthew 1 in Hebrew.