Friday, March 31, 2023

Keep Putting Your Head Down

What a journey, everybody. We just keep on plugging away at our fitness goals, one day at a time. As usual, today was an incredible day. It is simply amazing to be able to work out at the gym. 

We are moving ahead at snail-pace-speed, but we have remained patient and have always kept the long-term game in the forefront. I'm also continuing to learn what it means to be a runner, like a runner who is ALL IN. We are putting in the work, including today's marathon training run at the High Bridge Trail in Farmville. 

Running was a very foreign concept to me just a few short years ago. I continue to be inspired by the natural beauty of the little slice of the earth I occupy here in Southside Virginia. 

There is so much history here it's mind-boggling. 

Working hard is a BIG PIECE of the game of life. I'm a big fan of putting your head down and tuning out the noise when it comes to chasing down your dreams. Be not afraid to fail, ladies and gentlemen, be not afraid to lean into the future. Make time each day for an activity that feeds your soul. Marathon training is such an incredible journey, especially when you open up about the progress you hope to make with patience and consistency over years and years of dedication to physical fitness. I hope the discussions here on this blog get some ideas flowing for how much you can push yourself to new heights in reaching your own goals. And remember, enjoy the process! 

P.S. I was thrilled to see this visitors' center going up at the High Bridge Trail. 

The High Bridge was of considerable importance in the early days of April, 1865. This book, which I picked up recently at the Sailor's Creek Battlefield, is a bit dated, but it will still give you an excellent overview of the Race for Farmville and the Battle of High Bridge. 

Onward and upward!