Wednesday, March 8, 2023


Today I had one kicker of a cardio workout. It lasted for 75 minutes nonstop. 

Hirsute much? 

If I looked tired it's because I am.

I did not scream when my workout was over. Proud of myself. 

All the more reason to kick back and get some sun on the farm. 

They should make loafing an Olympic sport. I'd try out for it. 

Honestly, I don't know that I could ever live in the city again. My drive to campus on Mondays used to be a pleasant one. Back in the day, there was no traffic to speak of on Capital Blvd. -- in either direction. Now it's a parking lot. Raleigh Sprawleigh used to be one of the best places to move to in the South, but the population continues to grow faster than just about any other major city in America. There are genuine quality of life issues today that the city didn't have just 20 years ago. The result is a massive traffic problem. I read that some residents average up to 240 hours per year sitting in traffic during their morning and evening commute. 

Now, if the Lord should decide to pluck me up and move me to the middle of a city, I'll go of course. In the meantime, I'll stick with the Piedmont with its gentle inclines, light to non-existent traffic, gorgeous scenery, and, of course, its lovely farms. 

Speaking of being lazified, I jotted down some notes about the Greek text of John 20 that I wanted to share with you. Maybe after I check on the animals. :-)