Thursday, March 30, 2023

Spoiled (and Blessed)

Right now I am taking it easy and enjoying breakfast on the farm. 

A shout out and a huge "thank you" to my daughter for keeping me so well supplied with farm fresh eggs and homemade sourdough bread. I think this upcoming Easter Break is going to be a blast. Lord willing, a week from today I leave for Alabama to spend time with family and enjoy a home-cooked Easter dinner. Keeping it simple. 

Earlier today I buckled down and got in an hour-long workout at the gym. I'll post a couple of pics below. This means I have the rest of the day to slack off. I am spoiled. I admit it. Not the kind of spoiled where the world gives you everything you want, but the kind of spoiled where you have the most amazing people in your life who show you they care about you all the time. A better word than spoiled is blessed. After all, every good thing comes from God. How foolish to attribute our blessings to anyone but him. 

At any rate, a few pics. Bye for now.