Saturday, March 4, 2023

Chest Day Today

The chest exercises I did today would get a 5 star rating in terms of personal enjoyment of doing them not to mention the exercise tension they generate in the target muscle group. 

The biggest takeaway is really paying attention to what position allows you to flex/contract your chest the most. 

I think these exercises are a great way to simultaneously hit your upper chest along with those inner pecs. 

I was really pushing myself today, not just throwing some weight around but cranking up the intensity to the point of breathing hard after every set. My problem is that I keep forgetting that as you're contracting you have to make sure the chest is at its tallest point and that you're maintaining a good mind-muscle connection. You can actually put on muscle by using lighter weights because in terms of hypertrophy all you're trying to do is push that muscle beyond what it wants to do. 

Tomorrow and Monday I will take a break from the gym to focus on rest and cross training. If I can and the weather permits, I hope to get in a long bike ride. I've missed cycling and besides, I need the practice before this summer's tris. 

That's it for now.