Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Our Gentle Savior (Mark 10)

 While studying Mark 10 this morning I was struck by the tenderness of our Lord. 

These three expressions stood out to me. 

First, Jesus takes the little children "in his arms." Secondly, he speaks a blessing over them. The Greek does not merely mean "he blessed them" but "he tenderly blessed them" (the verb has a prefix that intensifies the idea). Finally, notice in v. 21 that Jesus "loved" the rich young ruler. According to the standard Greek lexicon (Bauer), the idea of the verb here probably means that Jesus "embraced" or even "caressed" him. 

These three verbs provide three quick flashes of Jesus' character. Let's never equate gentleness with weakness. Gentleness is not something to be ashamed about. It is supreme strength of character, even if you're a "macho" man. It is a virtue that grows from the inside out. Jesus had it in spades. And to think -- he lives in us!