Saturday, October 7, 2023

True Friendship (Phil. 2:25)

The book I was reading this morning has this dedication page:

I love it. It reminded me of the three words Paul used to describe his friend Epaphroditus in Phil. 2:25:

I have a friend. A really good friend. I wish we were neighbors but we're not. If we were, property values in our community would skyrocket. When I got sick in 2020, he drove over 3 hours to pray with me. He is a good pastor and a great teacher -- great in content and great in delivery. I know him well. I know his heart and I trust him. He's shared not only the work with me but also the danger. Once, when we were in Ethiopia together, I watched him suffer from illness with perfect equanimity of spirit. Truth be told, I cannot imagine a better friend than he.

Don't underestimate the power of a good friend. Paul didn't. His description of Epaphroditus stirs me. Something inside of me resonates and begins to sing. May I make a request? Send a message today to that good friend of yours. Tell him your world is different because of him. Thank him. Then thank God for him. 

May your relationship with Christ reach new heights this year as you grow closer and closer to those true friends he brings into your life.