Sunday, October 15, 2023

So I'm Late to the Game

This evening the Lord gave me a wonderful workout at the Y. It included my 6 favorite upper body exercises. Can you name them? Here's number 1. 

And number 2.

I love number 3. 

As well as number 4.

What's not to like about number 5?

Number 6, of course, is not to be left out. 

Could you name them all? They were: incline bench dumbbell hammer curls; dumbbell waiter curls; machine lat pull downs; barbell preacher curls; standing barbell curls; and pull ups. Here's the thing. I really wish I had started all this about 10 years ago. It would make being a lifter so much easier. That said, even if I'm a late starter, I will put in my time and see how it all shakes out in the end. 

How 'bout you?