Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Being Active Is a Gift

Here's my workout today. I'd rate this one right up there with the Amazing Amazon Alpha Mensch Workout

Yes, I'm aware of that "scientific" study in the Wall Street Journal ("One Running Shoe in the Grave") which concluded that older people reap few health benefits from running.

Basically, my thinking is that you can find a study to support almost any position you want to argue for. Being active (whatever the "activity" is) is amazing for your spiritual, mental, and physical health. Is there a risk of injury? Of course there is. But what this study fails to take into account is the fact that even if there weren't any health benefits to running (or lifting), some of us would still do it simply because it makes us feel on top of the world. 

Doing no exercise is bad for you. Doing too much exercise is bad for you. That could be said about practically everything in our lives, including drinking water. Will I ever stop running? No, God willing. Will I ever stop doing bench presses? Hopefully not. Everything we do in life is a risk. I'd rather risk this than that. 

I may have surrendered the image of myself as a youthful hero going out to take on the world by storm, but I haven't yet yielded to the threatening spectacle of the dried-up, dying old man (despite my aging spots!). My philosophy has always been: being active is a gift and is far, far better than hanging out on the sofa eating Doritos and drinking Coors Light Mountain Dew.