Friday, January 5, 2024

Is Jesus Called "God"?

Hey folks. Here I am after my morning gym session. 

I've observed that people are more prone to believe they can do something if they know someone who's already done it. The improbable (or at least the unlikely) suddenly seems possible, within reach even. I suspect that's why I started running in the first place. I watched my daughter run the Marine Corps Half Marathon and figured, if she can do, I can too. Regardless, if you are reading this and you don't know anybody who has ever begun weight lifting at "that" age, well, now you do.

Before I went to the gym I reviewed all the places in the New Testament where Jesus is called theos -- God. There are actually very few of them, and a couple of them are hotly debated. 

That includes this one in 1 John 5:20. 

When we go through 1 John in baby Greek, I usually tell my students to always look for a noun or pronoun's nearest antecedence. So, as you can see, I'd include this verse in the list as pretty much a certainty, even though a couple of really fine commentators disagree with me. 

How was your Bible study this morning? As you dive into the word for yourself, relax and enjoy the experience. Some really wonderful truths are in there, and you'll find them if you just give yourself time.