Sunday, January 14, 2024


Those dastardly meteorologists love to talk about how windy it would be today. Not the kind of gentle offshore breeze at Pipeline that is the surfer's paradise. I'm talking about the kind of wind where you tie down your kids and dogs so that uprooted oak trees don't knock them over. I had planned a run after church today but when I got to Farmville it was almost too windy to run. 

Runners hate wind. Wind has even been known to blow over 71-year old runner like moi. Who knows. Maybe the Lord is prepping for me my next windy race. I know you're supposed to look for the positive in every situation, but I am human and I focused on the negative instead. I couldn't go further than 5 miles. 

Just think. I might get to run in snow on Tuesday. Them meteorologists are at it again!