Tuesday, January 16, 2024

I Am a Hero

After today's workout guess what I saw for the first time in over 20 years? You guessed it. My abs. Well, not all of my abs. Not even most of my abs. Not even 98 percent of my abs. And the 2 percent I did see were only my upper abs. Which means I have a LONG ways to go.

Still, I consider myself a hero. Facing challenges, never giving up, being consistent over the long term -- that's me, a downright hero. 

Like every other hero, I deserve a statue don't you think? The only question is: What should it look like? Should I be wearing a t-shirt. Or a tank top? Or -- may it never be! -- no shirt at all? Should I be smiling or serious? Should it be full body or only from the waist up? 

I guess in the end I'll just go with whatever is the hardest for pigeons to do their business on.