Wednesday, January 10, 2024

How I Do Cardio

Hey guys. Back again, here to talk to you about cardio. Without doubt the very best way to do cardio if you're a lifter is on your days off from the gym. You can also do it on the same day but you will want it spaced at least a couple of hours later. To get the very best results, the one thing you will want to avoid is doing cardio before weights. You definitely do not want to begin your weight training session without your energy level intact. Today I did an hour and a half of easy cardio, including the EZ bar ... 

... as well as some light dumbbells. 

Normally I would be running but the weather is too windy for that. Just keep in mind that if your goal is getting lean, a 30 minute cardio session burns the same number of calories as 3 slices of bread. So don't train cardio for looks. Train cardio for your overall health. Your heart and lungs deserve as much attention as your biceps do.