Friday, January 26, 2024

The Mystery of Karl Barth's Chair

Here's the story about how Ed Miller got Karl Barth's Chair (and how Stanley Grenz almost took it from him). Ed and I were students in Basel in the early 80s. He was finishing his doctorate. I was just starting on mine. What he writes about theology and pipe-smoking is absolutely true. I can remember sitting in one of Markus Barth's doctoral seminars in a dark and cavernous upstairs room in the Theologisches Seminar building with all the doors and windows firmly shut and everyone (sans yours truly) puffing away at their pipes. If one day I should die from lung cancer, I will know why. :-) 

Those were good years. Thanks, Ed, for the memories. 

Immengasse 18 in Basel, the 13th century building where I wrote my dissertation.