Friday, November 25, 2022

Just Get the Work Done

Hard, hard hour of training this morning. 

Notice I didn't say "exercise." There's a difference between training and exercising. 

Exercise is mere activity. Training is activity with a purpose, a goal. 

My goal? A 4,027 meter peak in the Alps. Ice, crevasses, snow. Danger of avalanches. Rock scrambling near the summit. A three day climb. Cost of professional mountain guide: $640 daily. 

Lesson: No one will do the work for you. 

Running, lifting, and climbing have taught me that I don't have to be gifted or natural at something in order to love to do it or to be the best at something. I am hardly a gifted athlete. However, I get out the door and can at least try to build a solid base for myself. Nobody looks at me running and says, "Wow, what an awesome runner." However, I love to do it. I know I can get the job done if I work hard enough. 

Training has taught me how far consistency can go in life. Your own mind can either be your greatest strength or your worst enemy. No one else can convince you what you're capable of. You must convince yourself. 

Never settle for anything less than the best you can be. Get the work done even when it is hard (especially when it is hard).