Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The Futility of a Merely Busy Life

It was so good to be away with family this weekend even if it was only a brief respite from the grind of daily life. I find nothing quite so refreshing as time with ones you love where you just chillax and gel. In Henry Nouwen's Genesee Diary, the Yale professor speaks of the futility of a merely busy life and the need for periods of recreating silence. 

Whenever I feel like my life is becoming the proverbial mile wide and inch deep, I try to leave the business of life that modernity seeks to drowns us in and escape to a monastic existence for a few days. This is especially important for type A-A-A personalities like me. Maybe you can identify. A long period of restoration and recovery may be the road less traveled but it seems to be a road that we all need to travel on from time to time.