Wednesday, November 23, 2022


TGIW. (Thank God It's Wednesday.) I had two goals this morning: lift, and get in at least 7,000 steps of cardio. During my workout I was memorizing 1 John in Greek. It's really not that hard after you've been teaching that book for four decades. 

Then it was off for my run.  

I managed to get in a bit more than my target goal of 7,000 steps. 

I love running despite its unpleasant side effects including camel toes (no pic -- thankfully). Despite it all, I can't and won't stop. I love the feeling when it's over and I want to do it again. Ditto for lifting. At this point I'm just trying to establish my base for next year's races and mountain climbing. You know what they say: Dare to prepare. (Just made that up but I'm sure it's true.) 

How 'bout you? Watcha working on these days as the year winds down? Goals for 2023? What do you do that makes you feel amazingly good? What race is next for you? Remember: you can't please everybody, so you just have to make sure you are true to the person God made you to be. 

Happy Wednesday!