Wednesday, May 8, 2024

And Then There Were Three :-)

Here's part 3 of my interview with Dwayne Green. 

I had so much fun in this interview. Thank you, Dwayne! You all feel free to put on your tin hats and have fun in the comments section!

I think it's easy to either underemphasize or overemphasize textual criticism. It's a vital part of New Testament exegesis for sure. But it's not the gospel. People will disagree about textual criticism until the Lord returns. Our Lord has made it crystal clear what his mandate is for each one of us. He said that he lived to do the will of his Father and that the souls of lost men and women were white unto harvest. He said he was sending us into those fields just as the Father had sent him. Jesus was always pressing on to preach the gospel to the next village. The heart of every true disciple who follows in his footsteps will be the same. We must be willing, as he was, to let everything go for the sake of lost souls. 

Have a wonderful evening!