Monday, May 20, 2024

Thanking God for the Weather

Nobody watches the weather forecast more than farmers. Particularly hay farmers. There are any number of ways in which Mother Nature can complicate all aspects of farming, even when the haying season is not going full throttle. Green things are starting to grow again in Southern Virginia, and life is becoming increasingly busy for farmers across the Commonwealth. They have a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of of land to tend. That's why I was so happy to see that haying has resumed after several weeks of constant wet weather. 

If it stays too wet in the spring you get a late start and then all your crops are late, which affects yields. Climate change has only added to the complexity. In the past 30 years, both winter and spring have trended wetter across Southside Virginia. This spring was exceptionally wet. 16 of the last 31 days have had a considerable amount of measurable precipitation. 

Runners, too, can be a bit obsessive about the weather. I think when you run so much outdoors you have to be. I can't tell you how often the weather for that day wasn't anything like the local meteorologist warned you about. If you live in Virginia you know what I mean. I am no psychologist, but I imagine that our motivation to run is directly related to the weather outdoors. For me, this is true even of races that I've got coming up. For example, a week from today is the Bolder Boulder in the great state of weed Colorado. Thankfully, this is what I saw a couple of minutes ago when I checked the forecast for this coming weekend. Race day is circled. 

The weather looks perfect. Of course, I'd be going to Colorado even if the race was going to be held in snow. Although meteorologists are notoriously wrong, I hope they are right this time. All of this to say ... trust God and leave the weather to him. It is, after all, his world.