Saturday, May 11, 2024

Why I Do This

Today's workout reminded me again of why I do this. 

I do this because it's often mundane and boring. Just like life.

I do this because I remember a time when I wasn't very interested in physical fitness or health. I'm glad those days are long gone. 

I do this because it's not supposed to be easy. If it was, everybody would be doing it.

I do this because I tend to overthink things. One of the most self-sabotaging behaviors that keeps people from doing what they want to do is thinking too much. If you tell yourself you're going to the gym in the morning (or for a walk or for a run or whatever), then just go and do it.

I do this because every time I work out I am happy afterwards.

I do this because it's my journey. 

Afterwards I got it another 6 miles at the High Bridge Trail. 

Let's face it -- I just like being outdoors on beautiful days. Motivation comes easy when it's warm, sunny, and inviting outside. I know that after my run I will treat myself to a hot shower and a nice meal. I am a mediocre runner but that's okay. There is no "right way" of going about exercising. What matters to you is what is important. 

Run on, friends!