Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Becoming Your Wife's Greatest Cheerleader

One of the reasons I married Becky was because she never discouraged my dreams. I felt free to relax and be myself with her. She cared about her future husband's goals and aspirations.

Husband, be your wife's greatest cheerleader. Maybe she'd like to go back to school or start her own business or run a marathon or write a book. Becky loved to quilt, sew her own clothes, work (she was both an ICU nurse and a successful financial planner), homeschool the kids, and mentor young women from the seminary. 

Her country garden was second to none. She grew and canned all of our own vegetables. The list could go on and on. She needed support and encouragement in all of these areas. What she didn't need was my criticism. If your wife regards you as unsupportive, she'll likely begin to distance herself from you emotionally. Encourage your wife's ideas. That tells her, "You're important to me."

Granting our wives honor is critical not only to our marital health but to our spiritual health. It's easy for us husbands to be excited for our mate when her goal excites us too. But we need to learn to be excited because she is excited, even if the idea doesn't exactly thrill us. 

Are you treating your wife with honor and respect? Give your treatment of her a hard look. Ask her outright, "Do you think I'm showing respect for you and your aspirations?" Respond humbly to her comments. What she says could be not only a revelation but a rejuvenation to your married life.