Thursday, June 20, 2024

Food for Thought

Some generic exercise advice from someone who once thought that walking across the parking lot to my office was cardio.

1. You don't need any special insider information to get in great shape. Just do the basic stuff consistently.

2. Fat isn't "stubborn." It doesn't have the ability to exhibit any personality trait for that matter.

3. When you enter your first 5K race, you'll probably feel like you're not running but chasing. 

4. If people can overcome drug and alcohol addiction, they can probably overcome a lifetime of being a couch potato.

5. You can pretend to be lots of things -- smart or wealthy or knowledgeable -- but you can't pretend to be in shape. 

6. You don't need to weigh yourself to know if you're getting fit. A mirror does the job just fine.

7. Walking is boring. If you want to do it, do it not at the track but in the normal course of your day.

8. Joking. Walking anywhere (including the track) is a great exercise. 

9. "Get fit" plans generally don't last for more than a few weeks.

10. When asking yourself "Will I stick with it?" your first response will likely be "Why should this time be any different from the others?" But as the days turn into months and years, don't be surprised to find yourself becoming an athlete.

11. In the final analysis, exercising will teach you how to live. You will face the challenges of growing older in the same way that you face the challenges of becoming and staying healthy.