Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The Waiter Curl

You CAN do waiter curls, my friend!

Hey there. Just back from the gym. 

Today I practiced working on one of my all-time favorite biceps exercises called the waiter curl. Here's what it looks like.

Remember, tension is the language of your muscles. Through tension, this exercise targets the long head of the biceps. It starts with placing your hands and fingers flat against the underside of a dumbbell. Then, as you lift it, allow your wrists to bend back to maximize supination. Biomechanically, this is similar to the rope curl that some people do. Keep in mind that waiter curls can be stressful on the wrists but only if done incorrectly. Be sure to allow natural wrist extension as you raise the dumbbell on each and every rep. Finally, just because you might prefer other biceps exercises doesn't mean that you don't want to perform this one. I have found that some variety is crucial for maximizing growth in the long term. 

Hope this can help you!