Thursday, June 20, 2024

To Race Or Not to Race?

Should I or shouldn't I? I probably shouldn't.

I'm talking about this Saturday's big race at the High Bridge Trail. You have two options -- a 32-mile ultra, or a 13-mile half marathon. Two years ago I did the ultra. My report is here in case anyone is interested. This year I was planning on doing the half. However ....

Here's the forecast for race day:

The reason I included Sunday's temps is because the race begins Saturday evening and ends Sunday morning. Two years ago it took me about 8 hours to finish it. This year, heat exhaustion looks like a real possibility. So unless the weather cools off, I'll watch from the sidelines. I know that training and/or running in adverse conditions makes you stronger. It's supposed to make you tougher. But extreme weather isn't anything to joke about. 

Keeping an eye on the forecast ....