Wednesday, June 26, 2024

My Fat Loss Journey 3 (Supplements)

I think people put way too much emphasis on supplements. Any fat burning supplements you might use are only going to have a very minor impact on your results -- at best. The overwhelming majority of your progress will be decided by (a) proper nutrition and (b) proper training. In other words, dietary supplements can't make up for poor eating and poor gym habits. 

Now, I DO take supplements, but this doesn't include protein powder or creatine. Daily, I take a probiotic, a packet of multivitamins, and a packet of digestive enzymes. 

That's it. Otherwise, I see most of the supplements on the market out there just another over-hyped, overpriced product to avoid. The vast majority of muscle supplements are simply a waste of your hard earned cash. 

Just my two drachmas.