Monday, February 21, 2022

Good Monday Morning!

Hey all! I hope you had a great weekend. This is going to be an exceptionally busy week for me. That's all the more reason to stay on top of my workouts and rest/sleep. Last night I slept for an unheard of 9 hours. I normally sleep for 8 hours. My body is obviously compensating for Saturday's race. Thankfully, my legs feel great -- very little DOMS -- and I was even able to add 10 pounds to my sets this morning. If I am able to maintain my current training schedule, I hope to be able to summit the Allalinhorn this summer. Upper body strength will be the key. 

My writing goals this week are ambitious to say the least. I'm also entertaining a large family for supper this weekend and I haven't cooked for a group in ages. Cooking is definitely not my spiritual gift (though eating definitely is). I've also begun training for my first half marathon of 2022 next month, to be followed by my first marathon of 2022 in May and my first ultra of 2022 in June. Then, Lord willing, it's back to Zermatt after 6 weeks of teaching summer school. I know one thing about myself. I am tenacious and stubborn. As difficult as training can be, there is an equal and opposite reaction of pride, satisfaction, and overwhelming gratitude that comes after a race. The rewards are completely intrinsic. It's the satisfaction of knowing you've pushed yourself way more than you thought possible. 

Well, it's time for farm chores. My Bible study this morning in Colossians was, as always, wonderful but I don't have time right now to share with you what I'm learning. 

I pray you and your family have a safe and blessed week.