Saturday, February 12, 2022

I'm Gone to Arizona in My Mind

Just back from a 1-hour run on the treadmill. 

Before that I warmed up on the trail 

During my runs I watched/listened to the livestream of the Black Canyon 100K race from Arizona. 

This is a tough and taxing course with the majority of elevation gain coming during the second half of the race. The winners earn a Golden Ticket into the historic Western States 100 in California. I would love to do some trail racing out in Arizona. When we lived in California we camped in the state I can't tell you how many times, from the Grand Canyon to the Kaibab National Forest to the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff to the Petrified National Forest to the Meteor Crater to Canyon de Chelly (where we experienced a flash flood). Who knows, I might do the Phoenix-Mesa Marathon again. So much natural beauty in the Grand Canyon State. If you love the great outdoors, Arizona is for you.