Monday, February 14, 2022

Monday Morning

I live as far out in the boonies as you can possibly live. And yet the Lord has provided me with practically everything I need, including a local Amish/Mennonite Bake Shop called the Windmill Bakery. This morning I had breakfast with its owner and my good friend Josh, who is an elder in his local Mennonite church. What didn't we talk about? It ran the gamut -- ecclesiology, the Anabaptists (who had little patience with the Halfway Reformers), youth ministry, education (homeschooling and otherwise), the economy, etc. 

Then it was off to the gym where I was able to get in another weight training session that included (thank God) the bench press again after taking two weeks off for my shoulder injury. 

Now it's off to school for an interview with my publisher and then to teach my Greek class tonight. We'll be learning the first declension together and I may even have a surprise spelling bee, the winner of which will get a free copy of one of my books. The weather is perfect and I couldn't be happier. 

Hope your week goes well.