Friday, February 18, 2022

Interview with Admiral Ted "Slapshot" Carter

This is a very impressive interview. 

Before today I never knew that are only 47 aircraft carriers in the world. 14 nations operate them. But there are only two nations that have ever operated nuclear powered carriers -- the U.S. and France. We're the only nation that builds the super-aircraft carrier, starting with the USS Enterprise with 8 nuclear reactors. 

This interview about the rise of an airman to the position of CO of a nuclear powered carrier had me spellbound. What is it that separates the ordinary from the special? What does it take to rise to the height of one's profession? And just how hard is it to accomplish what most can only dream of? It is simply an amazing story and a very inspiring one as well. Young people especially should think hard and long about these things. God has made each of you for greatness, as he defines greatness in your life. How dare we put him in a box when he is able to do above and beyond what we could ask or imagine. There is only one way to live life, and that is giving it 100 percent. 

Thank you, Admiral Carter, for your service.