Friday, February 11, 2022

Senior Discount?

This morning at the gym I was able to do bench presses again, now that my AC joint has completely healed. It was a fantastic workout. My concern now is that I might be losing too much body fat, so I've scheduled a DEXA scan for next month. I've also changed up my workout routine a bit in order to avoid monotony. Today, instead of doing my dumbbell raises from a flat bench, I did them from a raised one, as in this photo.

This is obviously not a picture of me. 

I've also corrected my form for the lat pulldowns and the overhead dumbbell presses. So much to learn when you're a rank novice.

Now here's something funny. On the drive home I went into the local Bo's to grab a cup of coffee. The guy in front of me placed his order and reminded the cashier that he gets a "senior discount." So I asked for the same when it was my turn to order. It's so funny. I've been getting coffee at Bojangles for years now and it never once occurred to me ask for the senior discount. I still feel like a 45 year old. I still feel passionate about everything I do. I still love the classroom. I am more excited about teaching today than I was when I entered the classroom 45 years ago. Really, I don't have time to grow old. Yes, one day (maybe sooner than I think) I will be old and decrepit, but I hope I'm not there yet. I have discovered that changing my physical appearance has caused me to learn about my inner self. I have learned that I am dedicated, determined, strong, and persistent. I have learned to push myself beyond physical pain and emotional dead ends to achieve my goals. This is the gift the Lord has given me, and I am eternally grateful. But it doesn't mean I'm going to pass up on the senior discount.

Back to my writing. I am committing the morning to working on my book about the kingdom (Godworld: Enter at Your Own Risk).