Monday, February 7, 2022

Two Tips to Learn Greek Vocabulary

Hey folks. Here are two quick and easy tips for memorizing your Greek vocabulary:

1. Write out your own vocabulary. I know, for many grammars, pre-printed flashcards are available. If you think that's the way to go, here are mine. This has never worked for me. I suggest you write out your vocab by hand. You can do this on small cards or, just as effectively, on a piece of paper. Write the Greek words on the left side of the page and the English words on the right. Then you simply fold the page in half. The physical act of writing makes what you're learning stick in your brain a little bit more. Digital flashcards are far less effective in this regard.

2. Every time you write a Greek word, say the word out loud. Every. Single. Time. Saying the word out loud forces you to keep your brain engaged and also allows you to practice your pronunciation. (In my clases, students must take oral quizzes over their pronunciation.) Do this at least 5 times for each word. When you review your vocab lists, continue this practice of saying the Greek word out loud. At first you will go from Greek to English. However, because all of the extra credit on my exams and quizzes have you composing from English to Greek, be sure to also practice your vocab from English to Greek.

For audio files of my textbook, be sure to check my Greek Portal

Happy studying!