Friday, December 2, 2022

Friday Is for Flying

Just checked on the sheep and goats before heading to the airport. They are all nice and cozy in their winter coats. It's unbelievable that the semester ends next week with finals and commencement. If I've done the math correctly, that's 92 semesters' worth of teaching for me. I'm grateful for each one. The best part is watching students reach their potential both as persons and academics. God doesn't just watch our lives -- he directs them. You're not just another somebody lost in the hectic rush of life. You're his unique creation and he will lovingly guide you along the route he feels is best for you. 

Like most runners, while in Dallas I'll get in a couple of runs. I brush my teeth when I travel so why wouldn't I run? It will be so much fun taking mom out to dinner and to a Christmas concert as well as going to church with her on Sunday. She reminds me so much of her eldest daughter Becky! Other than that, we'll just chillax and get caught up on life. And eat, of course. Christmas time is good for runners. Calories burned running = calories consumed in eggnog and pies. It will be a quick trip -- in and out. I fly back on Monday and go directly from RDU to my Greek class. And then I'll be on semester break until the middle of January. 

Check back on Tuesday for a fun announcement....