Saturday, December 24, 2022

Will These Work?

I just placed an order for some new mountaineering boots yesterday. I sure hope they fit. 

This is the La Sportiva Nepal EVO. It's supposed to fit feet that are on the wider side. My last pair of mountain boots practically killed me when I was in the Alps. They were much too narrow for my flat feet (due to my barefoot upbringing in the Islands). Did you know that flat feet used to be a disqualifier for the military? That's pretty serious stuff, dude. 

Now, when it comes to running shoes, I have no problem finding a pair that fits. Every running shoe company out there has the good sense to offer shoes in wider sizes. In fact, one company even specializes in wide toe boxes (Altra). So what does the mountaineering community have against climbers with flat feet? Not one pair of shoes comes in wide sizes. None! So what did I do? I called the nation's premier mountaineering company (REI) and talked to the "boot guy" (technical term) at their flagship store in Denver. As a result, I ordered the shoes you see above. 

Feet can be an amazingly beautiful part of the anatomy when they are soft and well-formed. Runner's feet are notoriously the opposite. But no one cares. All we want to do is engage in our favorite pastime without killing our knees. 

There you have it. A clear case of discrimination against climbers with stupid pancakes for feet, wouldn't you agree? Truth be told, I see no reason to try and climb the Allalinhorn this summer if I can't find a comfortable pair of climbing boots. Wish me well!