Thursday, December 22, 2022

Putting Objectivity Back into Truth

In 2023 I will begin my 47th year of teaching. I've never been more concerned about the state of education in North America. Today we have millions of people who believe "their" truth and "their" lived experience is all that matters. You must cater to them, let them skip out on life and responsibility, and give them what they want when they stamp their feet. They have worked themselves into an ideological corner that is indefensible.

Student, beware. Professors who take the objectivity out of truth destroy the very concept of education. Truth is objective. It transcends identity. It is never contingent. If all truth claims are relative and equally valid, then knowledge itself ceases to exist. Never be afraid to debunk the "truth" lie. The fundamental quality of truth is that it transcends the subjective observer. That's one reason to study New Testament Greek. Absolute relativists will never admit that the New Testament can be discussed objectively. Prove them wrong.