Thursday, December 15, 2022

My Hugest Goal for 2023?

I have to be honest. This video thrilled me to the core. 

My hugest, biggest, most daunting and ginormous goal for 2023? Climb the Allalinhorn. This will involve massive training and staying healthy and injury free. I suppose there is a part of me that feels like conquering another peak in Switzerland somehow defines me as a person. Of course, it doesn't. In my heart of hearts I know that's true, but there is another part of me that needs constantly to be challenged.  For me, attempting to climb another Alp is symbolic of hard work, determination, and doing what I said I would do. People say there are better, cheaper, and safer ways of pushing one's boundaries. True. But I'm still glad I'm going to try. The challenge of getting there is hugely motivating in part because of the summit itself and in part because of what it takes to get there. For me, it's all about the challenge to achieve something that's just beyond reach. So why not? I may even organize another Becky Black Memorial Fund to Fight Endometrial Cancer. Now wouldn't that be fun?