Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Age Is Just a Number

At the gym today someone asked me how old I was. I told him, "70, though I feel like I'm 45." I don't think our chronological age is always the same as our physiological age, do you? I don't know about you, but I believe age is just a number. Growing older doesn't mean growing sedentary. I mean, seriously, why would anybody not want to stay active in their golden years if God gives you the health to do so? Especially people like me. You may have noticed that I'm no good at athletics. Do not use me as your role model. But man, I am learning so much by working out at the gym. 

For me, the past was pleasant and held many joys. But today and tomorrow hold the opportunity to be better. The way to do it? Start doing. By use, the body grows young. "Life is motion," wrote Aristotle. To defeat the debilitations of aging (you can't defeat aging itself), you must get your body in motion. The ancient Greek athletes called this arete (pronounced are-ray-TAY) -- to achieve your personal best. 

The body is the starting point.