Saturday, February 11, 2023

Nine Hours

Nine hours. That's how long I spent on the road today. It started out at the gym, where I had a full body workout. Just another small step toward reaching my goal of 10 pullups in a row. 

Then it was off to visit two historic sites in the Virginia Piedmont. As per usual, I drove the lovely back roads. 

My first stop was Appomattox Court House. 

Court was held here on the first Thursday of every month. 

Actually, the first building constructed in Appomattox CH was this inn. 

And here, of course, is the McLean House. 

Then it was off to visit a battlefield park that was new to me. 

It boasts a new visitor's center. 

The park ranger on duty was very helpful in orienting me to the three battles that took place here just 72 hours before the surrender at Appomattox. Thank you, Lee! 

The display walks you through Lee's retreat in April, 1865. 

Only two structures from the original battle still stand. The first is the Hillsman House. 

And here's the Lockett Farm. The house has 52 bullet holes in its exterior walls!

I couldn't resist getting this book at the visitor's center. I plan to start it tonight. 

Sailor's Creek is in the middle of nowhere and thus rarely visited. But if you're ever passing through the Virginia Piedmont, I think it's worth your while to stop here. 

I had an amazing experience there and I greatly appreciated the support from the park staff. The three battles at Sailor's Creek saw the last major action of fighting in Virginia. I am very blessed to live so close to such major venues of historical significance. 

The park is located at 6541 Saylers Creek Rd., Rice, VA.