Tuesday, February 14, 2023

When Heaven Touches Earth

It's been a terrific Tuesday so far. My Bible time was in the Great Commission of Matt. 28:16-20. Here's an outline based on the word for "all" in the passage. Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful text! 

I also want to thank the Lord for giving me such a great workout at the gym today.

There's only 12 days to go until the marathon. Soon I will be racing again! Totally exhilarating! 

Yep, it's always good to have goals in your life and to train hard to achieve them. 

After today's workout I discovered that a restaurant in town that had recently closed has actually reopened in a different location. They serve the most scrumptious cheeseburgers this side of heaven. Suffice it to say, I indulged. 

Let's see, what else? Oh, a huge shout out to Miss Lucy, who became a mama for the first time yesterday. 

The Lord gave her 8 little Valentines! 

Lucy belongs to my son and daughter who love Shelties every bit as much as I do. 

But back to exercising. My goal is to arrive in Fort Worth fresh, fit, and healthy. It doesn't seem to matter how successful we have been at other things or how much we've achieved in another arena. If we don't have new goals and new challenges, life becomes boring and stale. I am not a very good runner, but I am a runner nonetheless. I am learning to face the challenges of growing older in the same way that I face the challenges of running. In life, as in sports, there will be good patches and bad patches, but neither seem to last forever. What a wonderful thought that here, in the winter of my life, the joy that I felt when I first entered the classroom is back through the experience of racing. I feel so blessed to have a family that has been unquestioningly supportive of all my running adventures. They have never questioned or discouraged any of my running aspirations. I couldn't imagine having any other family! I'm also thankful to God for the opportunities he places before me. I'm thankful for the body he has given me. I'm thankful that he allows me to still feel the earth beneath my feet, to breath fresh air, and to experience the beauty of his creation. 

These are the moments when heaven truly touches earth.