Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Return to the Gym

Today it was back to the gym after a 6-day hiatus, working mostly on the upper body, including pull ups -- both machine assisted ... 

... and regular. 

Sometimes I hate to write about the gym because the subject is so loaded, yet it is such an important issue, especially for runners. In my opinion, it becomes a slippery slope when people run to lose weight, because a sensible weight loss/management program will also be balanced by healthy eating and weight training. Be honest. Do you see yourself as healthy? What needs to be looked at primarily is your relationship to food. Is it out of control, compulsive, and obsessive? Or is it balanced and treating your body in a way that makes it happy? Be proud of your body regardless of the flaws you see. Always keep fitness as a goal. Maintain a healthy view of eating (food = fuel). It is truly all about moderation.