Wednesday, February 22, 2023


My Bible time in Romans this morning was so exciting! Jesus Christ is the most exciting person I've ever met! His word is the most exciting book I've ever read! If you want adventure in your life -- if you're bored -- if you want to be challenged -- if you want to be different -- spending time with the Lord will do the job. It will take the boredom out of your life. It will challenge you like nothing else can. If you would dare to be different, Jesus will give you that and more. In short, if in one single hour of your life you want excitement, adventure, daring, the unusual, freedom from boredom, challenge, and a life that's different -- just spend some time in the word and see what happens.

This morning I saw a Greek word I hadn't noticed in years and years. The Greek word is hupernikĊmen. It's found in Rom. 8:37. 

It's a word of superlative force that requires 5 English words in some translations: "We are more than conquerors." By contrast, the Vulgate has simply superamus. Love it! 

Paul is saying, "Dave, don't just survive adversity. Don't just stick it out. By God's power and purpose, adversity can actually be turned to your advantage. You stand secure despite everything suffering can throw at you. Be a super-conqueror!"

If you really want to be prepared for adversity, there's nothing like Bible reading to put you right there. This is where you find a complete disassociation with the world and a knowledge that goes beyond plain knowledge. Somehow I find that reading God's word, and getting completely absorbed in it for an hour or more, can be some of the greatest worship time of my life because as I read words like hupernikĊmen I have no other choice than to worship God to the fullest extent of my being. This is that sacred time in your day when God reveals so much of his plan for your life and when our relationship with him is at its very peak. Praise God! The instruction manual is easy and glorious to read! HalleluYah!