Saturday, June 3, 2023

2023 Bull City Race Fest 8K ("Mini Bolder Boulder")

This morning I participated in the annual Bull City Race Fest 8K in Durham. This was a fun run for me. I felt incredible cardio-wise and had no aches or pains anywhere. I planned on running the whole race at a comfortable pace. In many ways, today's event reminded me of Monday's Bolder Boulder. In fact, I'm calling the race a "mini-Bolder Boulder." There was a huge crowd of runners. 

The runners were all fit. 

We ended the race by running into the Durham Athletic Field stadium.

And we crossed the finish line on the track. 

It gets even better. While standing in line for a post-race massage, I struck up a convo with this guy. 

Turns out he's from Boulder and also ran the Bolder Boulder on Monday. He's in town visiting some friends. What a pleasant coincidence. I also met up with some friends from the YMCA in South Boston, where I work out three times a week. 

The massage, by the way, was amazing. 

One thing that's NOT like the Bolder Boulder is that today's race finished next to the Durham Farmers' Market. Lots of fresh goodies for sale. 

So that's it. I know this is a brief race report, but I've got farm chores to do. You don't have to tell me. I know my life is blessed. Every minute of every day. Glory and thanks be to God.