Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Love Doesn't Keep Lists

Today I was in the Love Chapter (1 Cor. 13). In verse 5, we read "ou logizetai to kakon." This expression is variously translated as:

NIV: keeps no record of wrongs

ESV: is not resentful

KJV: thinketh no evil

NASB: does not take into account a wrong suffered

CSB: does not keep a record of wrongs

Drawing from my commentaries on 1 Cor. 13, I find at least four ideas present in this Greek phrase:

  • love is not disposed to find fault in others
  • love puts the best possible construction on the motives of others
  • love makes allowance for the faults and failures of others
  • love does not meditate on evil inflicted by others

What a mouthful. Fact is, we've all been wronged. Each of us bears scars. Hurts. Wounds. Someone has wronged us. How will we react?

If you have a list of wrongs, get rid of it. Stop adding to it. When you and I go through difficult times, it's easy to become a blamer. It's easy to become bitter. It's easy to turn into a person who's hard to be around.

Don't let that happen. LOVE DOESN'T KEEP LISTS.