Friday, June 9, 2023

Now That's Some "Great" Writing!

This morning's passage? Mark 4:33-41, "The Calming of a Storm" (or "Jesus' Authority over Sea and Wind"). 

And what did I notice for the first time? Only the triple of use of the Greek adjective "great."

  • 4:37: "a great storm"
  • 4:39: "a great calm"
  • 4:41: "great fear"

Now, you might have missed the last "great" because many English versions paraphrase here:

NIV: "were terrified"

NLT: "were absolutely terrified"

KJV: "feared exceedingly"

NASB: "became very much afraid"

CSB: "were terrified"

But Young's Literal Translation has:

"feared a great fear"

Bravo, Mr. Young! That Peter sure was a "great" storyteller!