Sunday, June 11, 2023

Rex Wellness Triathlon 2023 Race Report

Okay, so today was tri day. It was an amazing day for me. Once the race started I had to put my phone up so pics are limited today. Here's the transition area.

And here we are lining up for the swim. 

The fastest swimmers have already started so it was time for me to put my phone away. 

I came in second in my age division. Seems the same guy always beats me. He's just a faster swimmer than me. I'm good with that. As you know, the people in my life who love me don't care how fast I race or even if I do another race, and so I treat myself with that same kindness. That doesn't mean I'll stop being competitive or stop training. It does mean that when I give 100 percent and fail to get the result I wanted, I can be at peace with that. I know I gave it my all today and that's all there is to it. 

In sports, your main opponent is yourself. Somewhere along the way I've learned to relax and smell the roses. At the end of a race, the world looks different. The sunlight becomes just a little brighter, the breeze more appreciated. I know the meaning of a smile or a handshake. Being alive has become more than a bumper sticker or a wall motto. Fitness has the potential of becoming the foundation from which you learn the art of living, of bringing your whole body, soul, and spirit into concert. It is the struggle for the prize that is yourself. 

Thanks for reading.