Saturday, June 17, 2023

Never Give Up

Care to join me for a few seconds on my run today? 

You'll never guess where I went (haha). 

My goal was to run from the High Bridge Trail parking lot on River Rd. to just past the parking lot in Rice. This was 5 miles each way. 

At that point (midway) I hit the pause button, caught my breath, and turned around. 

There are times when a run dictated by pace might result in working you too hard or not enough. Heart rate training can give you a more accurate indication of the effort you are putting in. I ALWAYS train at a low heart rate so that come race day I can run in zones 4 and 5. 

As I step up to the starting line of next weekend's half marathon race on this same trail, there is only one thing I want to tell you. Never give up. There will be a time in the race when you will want to. Quiet that voice and instead brace yourself for the task at hand. The pain of fatigue is completely normal. If you're hurting at the end of the race, that's normal. 13.1 miles is nothing to sneeze at. But today's 10 mile training run was a gracious reminder from the Lord that I can reach impossible goals if I don't give up. 

Do not give up.

Never give up. 

Thanks for watching!