Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Working on My Bike Fit

Yesterday, as you will recall, I had a bike fit done at The Bike Guy. It's always a good idea to let an expert fit your bike to your body. We all have certain blind spots and sometimes we are more concerned with how we "look" on the bike than on a proper fit. Yesterday Rob started at the foot and then worked his way up the kinetic chain. Each body segment affects your ride as you move up that chain. Yesterday Rob made two minor adjustments -- he raised the handlebars and raised the saddle. Sure, it cost me 40 bucks for a new handlebar stem, but that's money well spent if it works. The main goal today is to see if this new fit relieves the heavy weight and pressure on my hands and arms while riding. If it doesn't, I'll be hanging up the bike for good. Not really. Some things take time, and I'm going to be patient until we get this right. Rob also taught me about 10 more possible hand positions that I can use while riding to alleviate the pressure on my hands and wrists. So we'll see. Report later today.