Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Getting in Sync with Your Bike

Despite being the middle of the week and you've been at work and have midweek services tonight and whatnot, I'm sure all you've been thinking about is how my ride went today. I was very pleased with how the tweaks Rob made to the bike yesterday worked out on today's ride.

I finally feel like I'm in sync with the bike to the point where I can ride easily with no hands on the handlebars -- a good sign of optimum balance. My main goal right now is to avoid pain in my okole (pardon the Hawaiian). I often develop a significant discomfort in my pelvic floor after riding 30-40 miles. Getting my posture "reset" I think will make a big difference going forward. Padded shorts help but correct posture is going to help even more. Praise the Lord.

When I got home, Jeff Shaara's latest was awaiting me. Oh my. I was hoping he'd write a historical novel on this subject.

Happy Wednesday to all.