Sunday, July 4, 2021

Never Take It for Granted

How's your day going? Splendid over here. I did a half marathon run today. And yes, here are the perfunctory pictures of...


The trail:

The bridge:

And my miles:

I know that for some of you these kinds of posts are boring. I get that. But I can never see things that way. I can never take for granted the ability to get out of bed, jump in the car, and drive anywhere I want and do anything I wish. I can never take for granted the beautiful outdoors and the way nature refreshes my spirit. I can never take for granted asking my body if it would give me 13.1 miles and it tell me, "Be glad to." I can never take for granted living in a nation where attending church is legal. I can never take for granted publishing a website and not having to be afraid that the government will shut it down. I am a free man living in a free nation serving a God of liberty. I can even exercise my freedom in such a way as to curtail it. Liberty is not license. I cannot read the Bible and then say, "No, I disagree. I will do what I want to do."

I know this isn't a particularly cosmic thought. But this morning as I drove to Farmville I experienced a small moment of unexpected joy when I realized anew that I live in a free nation. And in that moment I realized that freedom makes a difference.